Acromyrmex octospinosus

Week 3

Everything is going very well. The garden is growing and they are down to just the main fungus which i am pleased about, there was no sign of the other small garden they had started in the pod holding the leaves. I also checked the little pot of compost and although they had dug down into it they were just quarrying it, then hauling it out to the main pod. Most of this compost is now being built up around the loose fitting tubes coming from the pod, so what is needed here are proper tank connector so the fittings are tight and sealed. The ants waste a lot of time bunging up these gaps. Not so easy with a cylinder shape though.

I have noticed that they are using the main pod for their waste so this needs sorting out somehow. I managed to smash two boiling tubes trying to construct a waste area, so back to the drawing board here.

My biggest concern at the moment is that i have not seen the queen for 10 days now and although there are some small larvae to be seen they could have been there before.



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