Acromyrmex octospinosus

Toppled over

With the advice from Andrew Stevenson’ forum i added a small pot of compost to the feeding pod as there was a chance that the ants weren’t happy, so giving them an alternative place to build but they took little notice of the extra soil and┬ádecided to take some to the original pod instead. Today the main fungus got top heavy and decided to topple over 30 degrees but didn’t fall against the sides of the pod thank goodness. The other fungus was looking precarious, balanced on the rose leaves and it had slid down towards the water in the pot. Tonight there is no sign of it and it was getting on for an inch long too. The ants are taking the compost to the main garden happily building up the sides so i can’t see in…..little buggers. So they are still caring for the original garden so i am hoping all is well.

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