Acromyrmex octospinosus

Week 2

A full week has gone by since my ants arrived and everything has gone well so far. The fungus has been rebuilt from it’s journey to me and grows daily. The ants are cutting and adding leaves. I have only used Privet, Vinca and rambling rose shoots so far. Privet has been the least favourite and rose the best. The temps have been stable and the humidity has not budged from 99%. I have added a small hole at the bottom of the pod so i can ad some water if needed. The surface has dried a bit and the ants have been digging down into it. They have sealed up one of the pipe holes in the fungus pod as the hole was a bit big and air was getting in. I could have fitted a sleeve into the hole to make a tighter fit perhaps.

So far i am pleased with my decision to build an incubator style set up, it seems to have worked really well, my only gripe is there is not enough room at the top to gain enough access. Raising the pods a few more inches above the heat mat wasn’t planned but that was my fault.

Errrrmmm, next weeek i want to finish the foraging section below and/or put a shelf up level with the top section. I want the food plants to stand in water or better still, potted so height is important. I need the plants to last about 10 days whilst on holiday. Coincidentally at xmas i was breeding Oleander hawk moths and Vinca is their food plant. I saved all the roots and potted them up which i still have growing outside. How lucky 🙂

Oh and i noticed this morning that the ants had put a small piece of fungus at the bottom of the feeding pod, could they be moving, not happy ? and this evening they have put it up into the leaves which are standing in a small pot of water. How awkward.


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