Acromyrmex octospinosus

Second night

The ants have had a busy time and have started to add leaves to the fungus, really pleased they have settled in so well. 😀 I have opened up the waste pod for them and after some initial investigations they went back to their duties. They are being kept in total darkness until at least they feel secure then i’ll see what happens with the lights on may be. My biggest problem is getting a decent photo as the pod has some condensation on the front. I think it’s because the front is that much cooler even though i have a 5 mm acrylic window, so to combat this i have put some hard board in the window frame and covered it in tin foil. This will hopefully reflect the heat back to the front of the pod. Failing that i cold just use the jabbalite insulation, but this would be inconvenient to take out for a quick view.

Temps 24.5 and humidity 99%

So a couple of hazy pics but you can see already how much green has been added.

Image00004 Image00005

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