Camponotus fellah

New 30cm arena/nest.

Yesterday i moved the fellah’s into their new home, a 30cm long arena with 2 y-tong nests either side of the bottom with a false floor. At the moment the nest is quite humid as it is still a bit damp from washing. I left the test tube on the arena surface and by the morning the colony had already moved so all seems to have gone well.









Camponotus sp

First larvae 2012

These have been so slow going this year, even more so  than last year. There are probably only half the population left from what there were at the start. The larvae and pupae from the previous year had all hatched into males, which were quickly killed off. These ants seem to spend most of their lives inside the nest doing nothing much but now at last the eggs have hatched so hopefully things will start to happen.












Camponotus singularis

First Major

My small colony have settled into their new nest now and are also taking small pieces of insects back, but not directly to the larvae. I’m also so excited to see my first major, she is huge … I think my colony has now reached 11 ants., which is an increase of 6 in about 7 months. For me, putting the colony in a y-tong nest at the beginning was a mistake and slowed the growth rate considerably as the queen lost many eggs, the conditions of a test tube are much better at least for the foundation period.

Cataglyphis desertorum

1st July

Well i should have waited for today before posting yesterday as i have spotted another bunch of eggs. I still can’t see any larvae  and there should be by now if the previous eggs have  hatched. The ants are taking  all proteins back to the nest and i am hoping not just to stock pile it as mould has started to grow from all mess. If this continues ill have to make them a new nest.